Friday, May 21, 2010

21 May, 1911

I'm not going to bore you with what I did today. I went for a walk; I observed ice formations.

What is really worth noting are the spectacular lights: tonight we had a glorious auroral display-- quite the most brilliant I have seen. At one time the sky from NNW to SSE as high as the zenith was massed with arches, band, and curtains, always in rapid movement. The waving curtains were especially fascinating -- a wave of bright light would start at one end and run along to the other, or a patch of brighter light would spread as if to reinforce the failing light of the curtain.

The green ghostly light seems suddenly to spring to life with rosy blushes. There is infinite suggestion in this phenomenon, and in that lies its charm; the suggestion of life, form, color, and movement never less than evanescent, mysterious -- no reality. It is the language of mystic signs and portents -- the inspiration of the gods -- wholly spiritual -- divine signaling. Remindful of superstition, provocative of imagination.

Might not the inhabitants of some other world (Mars) controlling mighty forces thus surround our globe with fiery symbols, a golden writing which we have not the key to decipher?

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