Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 May, 1911

How terribly annoying: it's turned unpleasant -- cold and windy. I didn't go out at all.

Bowers gave his lecture on sledging diets this evening. He has shown great courage in undertaking this task, great perseverance in unearthing facts from books, and a considerable practical skill in stringing these facts together. It is a thankless task to search Polar literature for dietary facts and still more difficult to attach due weight to varying statements.

I know: I hate to have to do it myself.

He was very entertaining when it came to describing old-time rations, but not very good as describing the physiological aspect, which is understandable. Still, he went through with it manfully and with a touch of humor much appreciated: he deducted his facts from a "Mr. Joule, a gentleman whose statements he had no reason to doubt."

It was useful to have the discussion afterwards too. Feelings went deepest on the subject of tea versus cocoa concerning stimulation. I am inclined to see much in the favor of tea. Why should not one be mildly stimulated during marching hours?

That Birdie is an absolute treasure. I don't know where I'd be without him.

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