Saturday, May 8, 2010

7 May, 1911

After I wrote yesterday we all had another game of football in the fading light. It felt good to run about and work up a sweat. It did make me tired for night watch duty though. Sat there thinking about our Hut Point party; one wonders why they don't come. Am quite worried about them.

We sent another ballon up, and when the instrument was recovered from the bay it gave us some good readings of the upper air temperature. Atkinson and Crean put out a fish trap and have been having much success with it; we had fish for breakfast! Atkinson has also found many new parasites in the fish, so that should keep him busy for a while.

Clissold is still producing food novelties; tonight we had galantine of seal -- it was excellent.

Am really tired; can't wait to get some sleep tonight.

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