Thursday, May 20, 2010

19 May, 1911

These games of football are getting better and better as we improve in condition and practice. Can't see much though.

Wright lectured tonight on "Ice Problems." It was OK. He is young and has never done any original work; he was nervous. It was all a bit disconnected, and some things he didn't explain properly. The upshot of it was that we'll have to devote another evening to it. I think I will write the lecture next time. It's not his fault, really; he tries hard -- and having to speak on it has forced him to concentrate on his subject.

Atkinson has a new hole for his fish trap at 15 fathoms that yielded 43 fish yesterday, but today, oddly, there were only two.

I wonder what the explanation for this can be? Did the fish warn the others about the hole? Or did we simply catch them all? Or is Fate set against us?

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