Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 May, 1911

This morning it was calm and clear save for a light misty veil of ice crystals through which the moon shone with scarce clouded brilliancy, surrounded with bright cruciform halo and white paraselene.

Mock moons with prismatic patches of color appeared in the radiant ring, echoes of the main source of light. Wilson made a charming sketch of the phenomenon:

Worried sick about our Hut Point fellows, I went to Inaccessible Island to get a look at the ice and was reassured that it had not broken up. It was a very steep and tricky climb. I nearly came a cropper at one point and fell off down a cliff. Thankfully I had my ice axe and was able to cling on with it.

Hello - Atkinson's calling me. Everyone's running outside!


That was Meares and our Hut Point team arriving back! We all ran out onto the ice to welcome them in. The dogs are in good shape. The ponies are alright too, thank goodness. Everything seems to depend on these animals.

They got a good number of seals, which are all slaughtered and stored at the Hut. The rest of the supplies have run out. They had to forage food from a depot. (NOTE: must remember to replenish that.) They also found and killed a sea leopard - only the second one we've found in the Sound.

Strangely, none of the men seemed to greatly appreciate the food luxuries they have had tonight. I suppose this is because they have not had to spend a few days in tents between the Hut and here. It seems more and more certain that a very simple fare is all that is needed here -- plenty of seal meat, flour, and fat, with tea, cocoa and sugar; these are the only real requirements for comfortable existence.

Mind you, I couldn't go without a bit of curry powder to liven things up a bit, and heaven knows where I'd be without tobacco for my pipe.

And chocolate of course.

And brandy.

God, I miss a bit of honey.

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