Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 January, 1912

Camp 61 - RECORD!
Lat. 88 degrees 25 minutes south. Height 10,270 feet. Temperature -4.

We are beyond Shackleton's furthest south! All is new ahead.

The marching is growing terribly monotonous, but one cannot grumble as long as the distance can be kept up. It can, I think, if we leave a depot, but a very annoying thing has happened. Bowers's watch has suddenly dropped 26 minutes; it may have stopped from being frozen outside his pocket, or he may have inadvertently touched the hands. Any way it makes one more chary of leaving stores on this great plain, especially as the blizzard tended to drift up our tracks. We could only just see the back track when we started, but the light was extremely poor.

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