Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26 January, 1912

Started late, for no reason, as I called the hands rather early. We must have fewer delays. There was a good stiff breeze and plenty of drift, but the tracks held. To our old Blizzard Camp of the 7th we got on well, 7 miles. But beyond the camp we found the tracks completely wiped out.  We searched for some time, then marched on a short way and lunched, the weather gradually clearing though the wind holding. Knowing there were two cairns at 4 miles intervals, we had little anxiety till we picked up the first far on our right, then steering right by a stroke of fortune. and Bowers' sharp eyes caught a glimpse of the second on the far left.

I hope to goodness we can follow tracks tomorrow.

Am dreaming of steak and kidney pie and a whiskey.

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