Friday, January 21, 2011

20 January, 1912

Lunch Camp.

We have come along very well this morning, although the surface was terrible bad. This has brought us to our Southern Depot, so we pick up 4 days' food. We carry on 7 days from tonight with 55 miles to go to the Half Degree Depot made on Jan. 10th.

Night Camp.

It was blowing quite hard and drifting when we started our afternoon march. At first with full sail we went along at a great rate; then we got on to an extraordinary surface, the drifting snow lying in heaps; it clung to the ski, which could only be pushed forward with an effort. The pulling was really awful, but we went steadily on and camped a short way beyond our cairn of the 14th. I'm afraid we are in for a bad pull again tomorrow, luckily, the wind holds.

I shall be very glad when Bowers gets his ski; I'm afraid he must find these long marches very trying with short legs, but he is an undefeated little sportsman.

I think Oates is feeling the cold and fatigue more than most of us.

It is blowing pretty hard tonight, but with a good march we have earned one good hoosh and are comfortable in the tent. It is everything now to keep up a good marching pace; I trust we shall be able to do so and catch the ship.

Total: 18 1/2 miles.

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