Friday, January 28, 2011

28 January, 1912

Little wind and heavy going in forenoon. It is very difficult to day if we are going up hill or down hill. We are 43 miles from the depot, with six day's food in hand. We are camped opposite our lunch cairn of the 4th, only half a day's march from the point at which the last supporting party left us.

I wonder how they are getting on.

Three articles were dropped on our outward march—Oates' pipe, Bowers' fur mitts, and Evans' night boots. We picked up the boots and mitts on the track, and tonight found the pipe lying placidly in sight on the snow. The sledge tracks were very easy to follow today; they are becoming more and more raised, giving a good line shadow often visible half a mile ahead. If this goes on and the weather holds we shall get our depot without trouble. I shall indeed be glad to get it on the sledge. We are getting more hungry, there is no doubt. The lunch meal is beginning to seem inadequate. We are pretty thin, especially Evans, but none of us are feeling worked out. I doubt if we could drag heavy loads, but we can keep going well with our light one.

We talk of food a good deal more, and shall be glad to open out on it.

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