Thursday, December 2, 2010

2nd December, 1911

Camp 28 Latitude 83 degrees South

Started under very bad weather conditions. Marched in falling snow and horrid light. The ponies were sinking horribly. I went on ahead on ski and took photographs of them.

It was sad to have to order Victor's end  poor Bowers feels it. I walked up to him and said "I have a decision that will shock you." I think he have him some of his ration, even knowing his end was up. He takes it very hard. Victor was in excellent condition and will provide five feeds for the dogs. We must kill now as forage is so short, but we have reached the 83rd parallel and are practically safe to get through. Tonight the sky is breaking and conditions are generally more promising — it is dreadfully dismal work marching through the blank wall of white, and we should have very great difficulty if we had not a party to go on ahead and show the course.

The dogs are doing splendidly and will take a heavier load from tomorrow. We kill another pony tomorrow night and then shall have three days' food for the other five. Everything looks well if the weather will only give us a chance to see our way to the Glacier.

It was so warm when we camped that the snow melted as it fell, and everything got sopping we. Oates came into my tent yesterday, exchanging with Cherry-Garrard.

One tent: Self, Wilson, Oates, and Keohane. Another tent: Bowers, PO Evans, Cherry and Crean.

Manhaulers: E.R. Evans, Atkinson, Wright and Lashly.

We have all taken to horse meat and are so well fed that hunger isn't thought of. Well, I don't know about the manhauling team. They look a bit hungry.

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