Sunday, December 19, 2010

19 December, 1911

Camp 41.

Things are looking up. Started on good surface, soon came to very annoying criss-cross tracks. In fell into two and have bad bruises on knee and thigh, but we got along all the time until we reached an admirable smooth surface excellent for traveling. We are having a long lunch for angles, photographs, and sketches.

Night: Height about 5800. We stepped off this afternoon at a rate of 2 miles or more per hour, with the very satisfactory result of 17 miles to the good for the day. It has not been a strain, except perhaps for me with my wounds received early in the day. The wind has kept us cool on the march, which has in consequence been pleasanter; we are not in our wet clothes tonight, and have not suffered from the same overpowering thirst as on previous days. Evans and Bowers are busy taking angles, as they have been all day; we shall have material for an excellent chart.

Days like this put heart into one.

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