Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 December, 1911

Camp 44 About 7100 feet

Self: 43, Wilson 39, Evans (PO) 37, Oates 32, Bowers 28. Average 36.

This, the third stage of our journey, is opening with good promise. We made our depot this morning, then said an affecting farewell to the returning party, who have taken things very well, dear good fellows that they are. Cherry teared up a little.

We marched 7 hours and covered 10.5 miles. Tomorrow we march longer hours, about 9 I hope. Every day the loads will lighten, and so we ought to make the requisite progress. I think we have climbed 250 feet today, but thought it more on the march. Ahead of us is a stiffish incline and it looks as though there might be pressure behind it. It is very difficult to judge how matters stand, however, in such a confusion of elevations and depressions. This course doesn't work wonders in change of latitude, but I think it is the right track to clear the pressures -- at any rate I shall hold it for the present.

The weather has been beautifully fine all day as it was last night. This morning there was an hour or so of haze due to clouds from the north. Now it is perfectly clear, and we get a fine view of the mountain behind which Wilson has just been sketching.

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