Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15 December, 1911

Camp 37
Height about 2500 feet, 84 degrees 8 minutes latitude

Got away at 8; marched til 1, the surface improving and snow cover thinner over blue ice, but the sky overcast, with clouds coming ever lower. Evans' is decidedly the slowest unit, though Bowers' is not much faster. We keep up and overhaul without much difficulty.

At 5:45 we had to stop due to bad weather and lack of light. Our luck is really very bad.

Since supper there are signs of clearing again, but I don;t like the look of things. The weather has been working up from the SE with all the symptoms of our pony-wrecking storm. Pray heaven we are not going to have this wretched snow in the worst part of the glacier to come. The lower part of it is not very interesting, except from an ice point of view. Rock everywhere.

Oh! for fine weather; surely we have had enough of this oppressive gloom.

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