Sunday, December 19, 2010

18 December, 1911

Camp 40

Lunch nearly 4000 feet above the Barrier. Overcast and snowing this morning as I expected, land showing on starboard hand, so, though it was gloomy and depressing, we could march, and did.

We are stopped for much after 8 miles, and things look quite promising. for the moment. On our right we now have a pretty good view of the Adams Marshall and Wild Mountains and their very curious horizontal stratification.

This morning all our gear was fringed with ice crystals which looked very pretty.


Rough going this afternoon. We are less than 5 days behind Shackleton now. It is snowing again. It is very annoying, but I suppose we must be thankful when we can get our marches off. Still sweating horribly on the march and very thirsty at the halts.

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