Tuesday, February 9, 2010

9 February, 1911

Made a decent might march of 11 miles to bring up to Camp 8.

The ponies are holding out. We think the cause for their discomfort is the comparative thinness of their coats -- they have not had a chance to grow thicker ones yet. It was minus 6 degrees last night but warmer in the sun when we stop.

Forde's "Misery" is improving slightly and is very keen on it's feed, though it's fate is much in doubt.

I have taken to building a snow barrier behind my pony when he is picketed at night to give him some shelter from the southern wind at night. The others, seeing my example, have followed suit.

No crevasses today. This doesn't mean we shall not face them tomorrow, however.

Nothing like a yawning hole that reaches down to eternity to keep you on your toes.

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