Friday, February 26, 2010

26 February, 1911

Marched to Corner Camp, and left six week's supply of provisions, a bag of oats and three-quarters of a bale of fodder. The going is bad; the second party abandoned their skis to come up on foot. Found signs of Bowers's party having been there and five pony walls.

Am anxious to get back, so Cherry, Crean and I started back. Without animals or supplies we were able to make a lot of progress: over 14 miles with just a break for tea. We must be less than 10 miles from Safety Camp now. Pitched our tent at 10PM. It is very dark for cooking.

I shall have to tell people that we are out on business, not picnicking. Except for our tent the camp routine is very slack. It simply won't do.

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