Sunday, February 28, 2010

28 February, 1911

At Safety Camp found everyone very cold and depressed. The animals look in a very sorry condition. Since there is no point waiting here we all packed up for Hut Point. This took forever because some of the sledges were buried under 3 or 4 feet of drift.

About 4 PM the two dog teams got underway. When we got the ponies ready to go and stripped their blankets from them, the ravages of the blizzards upon them became apparent. They are all terribly emaciated, and Weary Willy in particular is in a pitiable condition.

When we started, Weary Willy, who didn't have a load, immediately fell down. We tried to get him up but he was exhausted. Cherry and Crean went on, leaving Oates and Gran with me. We made desperate efforts to save the poor creature, giving him a hot oat mash and got him on his feet again. After a while we were off. But just 500 yards from camp he fell again. We camped there, built a snow wall around him and did all we could to get him back on his feet. Every effort was fruitless. Towards midnight we propped him up as best we could and turned in.

I am writing this before sleep, hoping that he makes it through the night.

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