Friday, February 19, 2010

19 February, 1911

We did nearly 26 miles today, the surface getting much better after 5 or 6 miles.

The dogs and ponies have had good amounts of food on this journey, yet both are desperately hungry. I wonder why? Both eat their own excrement. With the ponies, it doesn't seem so horrid, as there must be a good deal of grain etc., which is not fully digested. It is the worst side of dog driving.

The way in which they keep up a steady trot for hour upon hour is wonderful. Their legs are like steel springs, fatigue unknown.

Osman has been restored to leader. Stareek remains as steady as ever.

Still, I think ponies are the way to go, and not dogs. Despite all the evidence to the contrary.

We are all acting like seasoned sledge travelers now. Our tent is up and the cooker going in short order. Cherry is cook. He is doing a much better job of looking after his gear now, allowing his socks and finnesko to dry properly during the night.

What a good little crew we are. Much thought on these individuals for the Polar Journey next spring.

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