Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 February, 1911

Camp 12. We have come 22 miles, 1996 yards back north. Much easier without the ton of stuff we left behind!

The pony party started off first: Gran leading my pony with Weary Willy behind, Oates leading his with Cherry's pony behind, and Bowers steering course with a light sledge.

Wilson, Meares, Cherry and I set off with the dogs. We were most surprised to see them not stopping for lunch! They must have made up their minds to march straight through. No doubt Oates is feeling his oats in this regard, and like to do things differently from me. I daresay he's having a fine time of it.

The dogs we are running are finding the surface bad. The weather is worsening and I shall be very glad to be off the barrier and into more comfortable quarters. It's very cold out here.

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