Friday, February 12, 2010

12 February, 1911

Camp 11: Bluff Camp

We made 10 miles and depoted one bale of fodder. The surface is decidedly worse. The ponies sink deeply. Blossom practically had to be dragged the last mile.

Have decided to send E. Evans, Forde and Keohane back with the three weakest ponies, which they have been leading. The remaining five ponies shall come on with us for a few days at least. We shall try to get as close to the 80th parallel as we can.

Cherry-Garrard has come into our tent.

I think Evans is much displeased with my decision as he feels that he is being slighted. I shall not have a second-in-command make a break for it however, and lead to the Pole, under any circumstances, and I know he has ambitions. I suppose he feels that he is being looked over in favor of younger, more inexperienced men, and I suppose he's right.

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