Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 February, 1911

Corner Camp, 6PM

We are still here, hunkered down against this unceasing blizzard. It is howling all about us, though very cozy in the tent, as it is not particularly cold. I think this spot must get the worst of the wind coming off Cape Crozier. It is awful to have to go outside, but obviously on occasion we must. I get the feeling the men would rather do their business where possible into some container in the tent, but this will not do; we are not animals, and no-one dare ask for fear of seeming too delicate to face the snow.

The dogs are perfectly content, curled under their tails (if they have them) in their snow burrows, and rather think they are having a holiday. The ponies must be in a wretched state, given that they withstood standing in a boat for 5 weeks, endured a nearly fatal gale and have since we landed been at it non-stop dragging heavy loads -- they must have done at least 200 miles alone.

So we eat and sleep, eat and sleep -- and it's surprising how much sleep can be put in.

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