Friday, March 5, 2010

5 March, 1911

Evans came down to help us get up to a camp under Castle Rock. Oates led the pony. After lunch, Atkinson and Gran appeared. Our crampons are flimsy and could use much improvement.

I sent Gran to Safety Camp for sugar and chocolate, though some will say he volunteered. I just think he wanted to show off by whipping down the enormous slope we'd spent all morning slogging up on his ski in a matter of seconds. The men all admired him greatly. I suppose it will make one popular to offer to fetch chocolate. He certainly knows when to step up to do his share to great effect.

Then seven of us marched on to Hut Point. This involved some exciting downhill sledge work which elicited some whoops and hollers from the men who had not yet had a chance to experience the reverse of all our pushing.

The Hut is in comparative order, so we are sleeping here. Bill and Meares met us black as sweeps! The cause for this was that they had a blubber stove going without any chimney - the Hut was filled with smoke. Bowers was so sick with it he couldn't eat his meal!

We shall stay here a while.

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