Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17 March, 1911

The sea ice still will not freeze over! It simply refuses to do so so that we can get home!

I have taken to wearing pyjama trousers and will don an extra shirt. So far I have had nothing more than a singlet and jersey under pyjama jacket and a single pair of drawers under wind trousers. A hole in the drawers of ancient date means that one place has had no covering but the wind trousers, yet I have never felt cold about the body. I have been astonished by the warmth felt throughout in light clothing so far.

I am impatient just sitting here. It is ill to sit still and contemplate the ruin which has assailed our transport. The scheme of advance must be very different from that which I first contemplated. Because I am the leader of this expedition I have felt it unnecessary to tell anyone what those plans might have been. The Pole is a long way off, alas!

Bit by bit I am losing all faith in the dogs. They are a complete mystery to me.

Don't ask why I decided to bring an old pair of pyjama trousers with holes in them instead of new ones. A man likes his familiar underthings.

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