Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 March, 1911

I am a firm believer in rough hardy exercise to keep up a man's spirits and fitness. To want to stay indoors enjoying the comforts of a fire seems to me to smack of indolence. Are we not all men here? Do they not know that I am watching them to see who has which strengths I can employ on my Pole journey next spring?

Thankfully, they're not ALL lazybones; several of us went for a brisk walk out to the Gap today to check the ice, and I'm pleased to say a couple of the dogs trotted along with us too.

It is very frustrating to be stuck here. I suppose Amundsen is making his quarters comfortable for the winter, having laid his depots, but without having the dilemma of having to cross sea ice. That is, of course, if his camp hasn't broken off and slipped away into the sea.

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