Monday, March 22, 2010

22 March, 1911

It was finally calm again this morning so I took a jaunt up Crater Hill. A sea of stratus clouds hung curtain-like over the Strait -- blue sky east and south of it and the Western Mountains bathed in sunshine, sharp, clear, distinct -- a glorious glimpse of grandeur on which the curtain gradually descended.

That's four g-words in a row. I read somewhere once that alliteration improved one's speech. Thought I'd try it out a bit. Look how onomatopoeic that first part is with the sunshine. Am rather chuffed.

Oooh - I ought to have gotten "golden" in there somehow.

Sometimes when I look about this wild, desolate place I wonder what it will look like a hundred years from now. In 2011 (!) will it be as vast, as empty? Or will there be great cities with houses and shops like the rest of the world?

Will our little Hut still be here?

{picture taken 2007 - Discovery Hut with McMurdo Base behind it}

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