Friday, February 4, 2011

4 February, 1912

Temperature: -23

Pulled on foot in the morning over good hard surface and covered 9.7 miles. Just before lunch unexpectedly fell into crevasses, Evans and I together—a second fall for Evans, and I camped.

We have come down some hundreds of feet on a good hard surface. Half way in the march the land showed up splendidly, and I decided to make straight for Mt. Darwin, which we are rounding. Every sign points to getting away off this plateau. The temperature is 20 degrees lower than when we were here before; the party is not improving in condition, especially Evans, who is becoming rather dull and incapable.

Thank the Lord we have good food at each meal, but we get hungrier in spite of it.

Bowers is splendid, full of energy and bustle all the time.

I hope we are not going to have trouble with ice falls.

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