Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd February, 1912

Temperature: -20.

Started pretty well on foot; came to steep slope with crevasses (few). I went on ski to avoid another fall, and we took the slope gently with our sail, constantly losing the track, but picked up a much weathered cairn on our right. Vexatious delays, searching for tracks, etc, reduced morning march to 8.1 miles. Afternoon came along a little better, but again lost tracks on hard slope.

Tonight we are near camp of December 26, but cannot see cairn. Have decided it is a waste of time looking for tracks and cairn, and shall push on due north as fast as we can.

The surface is greatly changed since we passed outward, in most places polished smooth, but with heaps of new toothed sastrugi which are disagreeable obstacles.

Evans' fingers are going on as well as can be expected, but it will be long before he is able to help properly with the work. Wilson's leg is much better, and my shoulder also, though it gives bad twinges.

The extra food is doing us all good, but we ought to have more sleep. Very few more days on the plateau  hope.

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