Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd February, 1912

We started well on a strong southerly wind. Soon got to a steep grade, when the sledge overran and upset us one after another. We got off our ski, and pulling on foot reeled off 9 miles by lunch at 1:30. Started in the afternoon going very strong. We came across a steep slope and all went well till, in trying to keep the track at the same time as my feet, on a very slippery surface, I had a nasty fall on my shoulder. It is horribly sore tonight and another sick person added to our tent—three out of five injured, and the most troublesome surfaces to come.

We shall be lucky if we get through without serious injury.

Wilson's leg is better, but might easily get bad again, and Evans' fingers are beyond the pale.

We managed to get in 17 miles today. The extra food is certainly helping us, but we are getting pretty hungry. The weather is already a trifle warmer and the altitude lower, and only 80 miles or so to Mount Darwin. It is time we were off the summit—Pray God another four days will see us pretty well clear of it. Our bags are getting very wet and we ought to have more sleep.

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