Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 April, 1911

Went north over the ice with Atkinson, Bowers, Taylor, and Cherry. Taylor, the fool, tried thin ice and fell in. He managed to pull himself out with his ice-axe while we were running to help him. He was quite shaken, and walked back with Cherry. The rest of us walked on.

Saw quite a few fish frozen in the ice -- even a large one caught in the act of swallowing a small one. It looks like both are caught when one is chasing the other.

I suppose that could be said of my adversary and I .

We prepare to go back tomorrow. We have achieved such great comfort here that one is half sorry to leave -- it is a fine healthy existence with many hours spent in the open and generally some interesting object for our walks abroad. The hill climbing gives excellent exercise -- we shall miss much of it at Cape Evans. I am anxious to get back though, and see how our hut has withstood the shocks of northerly winds. I am plagued by the thought that the gales have damaged it.

I suppose it is a perfect existence if one doesn't count greenery, women, vegetables and fruits and warmth.

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