Sunday, April 11, 2010

11 April, 1911

Started from Hut Pint at 9 AM. Party consisted of Self, Bowers, P.O Evans, Taylor, one tent, Evans, Gran, Crean, Debenham, and Wright, second tent.

Left Wilson in charge at Hut Point with Meares, Forde, Keohane, Oates, Atkinson, and Cherry-Garrard. All gave us a pull up the ski slope; it had become a point of honour to take this slope without a "breaker." Personally, I find such an effort trying in the morning, but had to go through with it.

After much trial getting down steep inclines, I decided to push on for Cape Evans, but found at 6:30 that it was too dark to do so. We plodded on til 10, but not able to see anything ahead, we have camped, in not very comfortable circumstances. We are all quite tired and anxious to be home.

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