Friday, April 16, 2010

13 April, 1911

At our home at Cape Evans at last! We set off early with a stiff breeze, desperately cold with frozen clothes, and it was heavy pulling but only two miles. Rounded the point and greatly relieved to see the hut.

Delighted with everything I see in the hut -- Simplson and everyone have done wonders.

Another pony, Hackenschmidt, and one dog are reported dead, which I suppose is to be expected. All the other animals appear in good form. This leaves us with ten ponies to start the winter with.

What horrors we look! Was shocked to see our appearance in the glass. Ponting took our photographs, of course. Just look at us!

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  1. Speak for yourself! I quite like that one of me. Ponko might be a bit full of himself sometimes (all this "camera artist" malarkey) but he's definitely got talent.

    Might have a go behind the camera myself once we get back to Britain - think I should ask him for lessons?