Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 October, 1911

We had another beautiful day yesterday, and one began to feel that the summer really had come; but today, after a fine morning, we have a return to blizzard conditions. It is blowing a gale as I write. Yesterday Wilson, Bowers, P.O. Evans and I donned our sledging kit and camped by the bergs for the benefit of Ponting and his cinematograph; he got a series of films which should be about the most interesting of all his collection. I imagine nothing will take so well as these scenes of camp life.

Have a look at a bit of his film. There we are having a laugh over some lunch from the primus. And Nigger the cat makes an appearance!

Meares reports that Evans returned to the Hut to collect a personal bag he left there, and that Lashly's motor  had broken down near Safety Camp; they found the big end smashed up in one cylinder. They repaired it while Evans went on ski to collect his things.

On account of this accident and because some of our hardest worked people were badly hit by the two days' absence helping the machines, I have decided to start a couple of days from now instead of tomorrow.

I hope this doesn't come back to bite me.

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