Monday, October 25, 2010

22 October, 1911

Meares telephoned that he is setting out for his second journey to Corner Camp without Czigane, the dog. It had a mysterious ailment for which he was given a laxative.

The telephone is a marvelous addition to our operation. I can't imagine how we got by without it. I suppose one day we will be able to do away with the wires altogether! Imagine!

In the transport department, in spite of all the care I have taken to make the details of my plan clear by lucid explanation, I find that Bowers is the only man on whom I can thoroughly rely to carry out the work without mistake, with its arrays of figures. For the practical consistent work of pony training Oates is especially capable, and his heart is very much in the business.

Here's poor Clissold and his dog team before his accident.

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