Friday, December 18, 2009

18 December, 1910

We discovered this fish -- a new species, I think -- Notothenia -- when we overturned an ice floe and it popped up on the underside.

We have been stopping and starting all day trying to forge our way through the pack. Made good headway for a while in open leads, and are now hung up again in heavy bay ice.

Wrote this in my Journal, obviously about the ice, but re-reading it just now, it reminded me instead of women at parties.

In general what we have observed on the opening of the pack means a very small increase in the open water spaces, but enough to convey the impression that the floes, instead of wishing to rub shoulders and grind against one another, desire to be apart. They touch lightly where they touch at all--such a condition makes much difference to the ship in attempts to force her through, as each floe is freer to move on being struck.

Thinking of Katherine, and how she will miss Peter's Christmas. Thinking too, about Ory Wilson and Hilda Evans, missing their husbands at this special time of year. We offer a toast to wives and girlfriends at dinner.

Happy with that fish, though. At least it's something.

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