Thursday, December 17, 2009

17 December, 1910

We've been having rain! I've never known rain beyond the Antarctic Circle before. Let's hope it helps to melt this ice. We have been drifting for 48 hours now.

Am thoroughly enjoying Around The World On A Wheel. What an adventure! Here's what Fraser says of leaving London:

"We were going to strange lands. We had been told we were rash and foolish and mad, and we were hastening our deaths. We didn't believe it."

I should think not! Marvellous stuff. I thoroughly recommend it. Ask your local bookseller for a copy.

There's really nothing to do. I would be bored to tears if it wasn't for reading. Wilson keeps saying "are you sure there's nothing I can do to help with any of the planning," and "are you sure all the equipment is perfectly in order," which is beginning to get on my nerves. I do not like being second-guessed.

Here's the intrepid author with his companions and their mighty metal steeds:

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