Thursday, September 23, 2010

17 August, 1911

The weather has been extremely kind to us of late; we haven't a single grumble against it. The temperature hovers pretty much at about -35, there is very little wind and the sky is clear and bright. In such weather one sees well for more than three hours before and after noon, the landscape unfolds itself, and the sky colors are always delicate and beautiful. At noon today there was bright sunlight on the tops of the Western Peaks and on the summit and steam of Erebus - of late vapour cloud of Erebus has been exceptionally heavy and fantastic in form.

The wretched Lassie has killed every one of her litter. She is mother for the first time, and possible that accounts for it. When the poor little mites were alive she constantly left them, and when taken back she either trod on them or lay on them, till not one was left alive. It is extremely annoying.

Everyone is busier than ever. It is good to see so much work going on.

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