Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 July, 1911

We have had a horrible fright and are not yet out of the woods.

Bones, one of the best ponies, suddenly went off his feed -- it looked like colic. He was very distressed, took a walk badly and kept wanting to lie down. He was nursed closely during the night as he struggled with severe distress, but managed to rise to his feet while I looked in at 2:30am.

This morning it seems he is somewhat recovered but it has made very clear that we simply cannot afford to lose another pony. Our success rides on it.

The culprit appears to be fermented hay - a mucusy ball of it was found with tape worms in. Distressingly it had a piece of intestine attached. I think it no fluke that our two sick ponies have been those closest to the stove; a ventilation hole has been made. Water has also been added to their allotment of snow.

Well, we can't make hay. It's all we've got.

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